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HGK Mushroom "No-Bone" Broth (750ml)

HGK Mushroom "No-Bone" Broth (750ml)

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Our mushroom broth is an umami-rich broth, blended with a ton of mushrooms and a medley of fresh vegetables and herbs, offering a deeply satisfying, nutrient-rich vegetarian option.

Ingredients: *Button, *shitake, *lions mane, *cordyceps, *chaga, *himematsutake mushrooms, *onions, *leeks, *carrots, *celery, *olive oil, *cumin, *chili flakes, *star anise, *rosemary, *sage, *oregano, *nutritional yeast, filtered water. *Organic

750ml (3 Servings) Shelf Stable Glass Jar.

Refrigerate after opening. Do not freeze.

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